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There's a new PREDATOR movie coming out in September and the advertising has been absolute ass. No one even knows it's a thing. Shane Black is cursed.

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San Benito resident now heads print advertising efforts for Cameron County

It’s been a year since the blockchain hype train reached advertising. The highs and lows of bitcoin’s price fluctuations in 2017 convinced many advertisers that blockchain powering it was some sort of cure-all solution to the lack of clarity around how media is bought and placed. Since then, however, the hype has faded. Not only are advertisers split on when blockchain will be widely adopted by the industry, they’re also unsure if a technology that logs transactions between buyers and sellers in a way that doesn’t need third-party authentication will ease their concerns over undisclosed fees, ad tech taxes, fraud and opaque trading agreements. Blockchain falls somewhere between a game changer and a gimmick in the eyes of some ad industry observers now. “The application of blockchain in advertising is still very nascent, and so while it’s being explored, we’ve only had a handful of inquires about it [from advertisers],” said Eamonn Maguire, KPMG’s global lead of blockchain. “I think it will be two to three years before blockchain becomes a dominant force in advertising as right now adoption is more like a smoke signal than a burning flare.” While blockchain is on the radar for Lego’s marketers, there’s no firm plan for it yet, said the advertiser’s head of emerging platforms James Poulter. “There are a few brands experimenting with blockchain on programmatic buys, but I think questions need to be asked of media agencies and whether they can come together on a shared platform that sits on something like Ethereum, for example,” said Poulter. “The problem is that everyone has to trust the system that they’re going to use and that will only happen if the industry can consolidate around some standards in terms of what [blockchain] solutions they will actually back.” Before it even gets to that point, there are several longstanding barriers the technology has yet to hurdle.

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